Every major religion provides guidance to its members to enable them to find purpose and meaning to life and to answer the fundamental questions of life. All Christians share a good deal in common with regard to their understanding of God, Jesus and how to live a virtuous life. Almost all Christian denominations have, for instance, the same basic understanding of Baptism. Thus those already baptized as Christians are not re-baptized in the Catholic religion. However, Catholicism is unique in the way it unites belief, celebration and the living out of the faith.

I hope this helps explain, in part, why to be a registered member of a Catholic Parish, at least one parent in the family must be Catholic. Children baptized or received into the Church are considered members with their parents until they turn 18 years old. Once they are 18, it is their own responsibility to affirm their decision to live as a disciple of Christ and as an active member of the Church.

We welcome members of families who are not Catholic and we invite them to participate, as they are comfortable, in our various educational sessions, e.g. Bible Study sessions as well as joining in the celebration of Mass. At Communion time, if they, wish they would be welcome to come forward for a blessing by bowing their head and folding their arms across their chest and then returning to their place for a few additional moments of quiet prayer and asking the Lord to be with them and their loved ones.

In this way we all grow together in the Love of the Risen Lord Jesus.

For more information, contact:

Jessica Quan
Pastoral Assistant for Outreach,
Parish Life & Ministry to the Sick
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