Grief Ministry & Funeral Planning

"If one member suffers in the body of Christ which is the Church, all the members suffer with that member." 1 Corinthians 12:26 The mission of Grief Ministry is to extend the comfort and compassion of the Church to those members of our community suffering a loss due to death.

Funeral Planning

Making Funeral Arrangements

Upon the death of a parishioner, the family meets with the priest or pastoral assistant in planning the funeral liturgy. During this time the initial grief work begins as we pray with the family and offer our parish support.
As we want to be available to support you, we ask that in the event of a death where you would like the parish involved, that you do not schedule any services with funeral homes before contacting us and arranging a day and time for the services.

For assistance contact the parish office at 253 564-5185.

Supplemental materials, such as "Understanding Grief" and "I Will Trust in God" are provided to offer understanding and comfort.

Pre-planning of Funeral Liturgies:

Funeral Planning Workshops or individual meetings with the Pastoral Assistant, helps parishioners of all ages make personal and family decisions about their funeral arrangements. Pre-planning allows your family to benefit from your wisdom, initiative, requests and orderliness at an extremely difficult time. Advance planning your funeral is a great gift of love that you can leave your spouse and/or children. Planning also helps you to be better acquainted with the Church’s teaching regarding the Catholic funeral rites and cemetery tradition and the Church’s teaching on burial and cremation.

Mass of the Faithful Departed

The first Saturday of the month the parish has a Mass of the Faithful Departed at 9:00 a.m. We pray for those who have had their funeral services here at St. Charles on the 3rd month, 6th month and year anniversary of their death up to five years. Your loved one's name can be added to the Mass of the Faithful Departed.

Divorce Support

Support for Those Dealing with Divorce

St. Charles Borromeo Parish provides support for those who are separated or going through a civil divorce. For both the parish has support resources are available.

Grief Support

Bereaved Support Group

St. Charles Bereaved Group is for those who have had a loved one pass. If you, a family member, or a friend are in need of support,surrounding your grief journey we would like to invite you to Learning to Manage Your Grief: A small group experience. The group offers an experience for people to learn, heal, grow and move toward reconstructing their lives. What seemed impossible to handle becomes a little bit more manageable. The five sessions will be a combination of workbook, video and sharing of common experiences in a Catholic context. Everything spoken within the group is confidential providing a safe environment for you to work through your grief. The group is offered four times a year.

Complicated Grief

For parishioners who are experiencing profound or continual grief the parish often refers them to bereavement counselors.

Grief Resources

We have an extensive collection of books and videos in our parish library for all ages and experiences. At the parish office we have a booklet available titled “Understanding Grief” and a prayer book of daily meditations titled “I will trust in God”. Both are provided to offer understanding and comfort.

Resources for Special Days

"How will I get through the Holidays" is a booklet for you to prepare and plan your holiday season or any special day that is complicated by your loss.

If you would like to talk with someone about your grief journey and how we might be able to help you please contact the parish office. 

Seasonal Offerings

All Souls Day

We remember all those who have passed over from this world to God's new world on All Souls Day. Parishioners are invited to bring a photo of their loved one to this special Mass on November 2nd as we pray for those who have gone before us in faith.

Pastors Widows & Widowers Gala Dinner

Each September Fr. Mike and the parish hosts a special, and fun, dinner for the widowers and widows of the parish. The evening provides dinner, entertainment and the opportunity to get to know one another. The dinner is held in mid September and volunteers are always needed.

Poinsettia Project

Volunteers, expressing our community’s care and concern, will deliver poinsettias to parishioners who have had a loved one pass in the last year where the funeral was held at St. Charles Parish. The parish provides the poinsettia and the information needed. This is a special visit from a fellow parishioner at what can be a difficult time.

Blue Christmas: A service of hope for the holidays prayer service

We pray that all will find hope and comfort in knowing they are not alone this season and that they remember that God knows their pain and loves them unconditionally. The service will offer prayers, scripture, song and remembrance usually held the first week in December and it is open to all.

For additional Information contact:

Renee Bogue
Pastoral Assistant for RCIA, Grief Ministry, Baptism and Marriages
253-564-5185 ext. 3037