Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, Jesus Christ is there to meet you. Jesus loves you. He wants to share with you his peace, joy, and love for life which no one and no event can take from you.

We here at St. Charles welcome you as fellow companions on life’s journey. We are willing to share with you what we have learned on our own journey, invite you to walk with us and work together to grow and mature in coming to think, speak and act as Christ taught.

Our efforts as a parish are to:
  • Welcome all with a clear explanation of what we believe about living life well;
  • Accompany one another in deepening our relationship with Christ through the study of Scripture, the Celebration of the Sacraments and reaching out to Serve our neighbors in love.
  • Empowering one another to share the Good News of the Risen Christ.

Our parish is a community of communities. The most basic community is, of course, the family. Within the parish there are many other comunities of young and old, bound together by age or a common interest or need.

Belonging to a community or communities be they our family, an athletic team, or a Church helps us grow and mature as we discover our gifts and weaknesses.