Examination of Conscience


CALLED TO BE A DISCIPLE: "Come Follow me!"

These are the words that Jesus spoke to his first disciples. These are the words that Jesus speaks to us today. To be a disciple is to develop an intimate relationship with the Risen Christ and enter fully into his community of disciples.

1. Am I growing in my relationship with the Risen Christ? Have I nourished my desire to "put on the mind of Christ": a desire to enter into an ever more intimate union with the Father through the power of the Spirit and reach out in loving service to my neighbor?

2. Have I nourished my relationship through prayer, finding some quiet time each day to spend quality time in prayer? Do I listen as well as speak to God? Do I give praise and thanks to God as well as express sorrow for my sins and present my petitions?

3.Do I trust in God and His care for me, or do I only go to Him in my need? Am I angry with or afraid of God? po I try to control God?

4. Do I take steps to deepen and increase my understanding of the faith?

5. Does my need for money, power, or prestige take precedence over deepening my relationship with God in my life?

6. Am I caring toward my family? Do I show fidelity, patience, reverence and love to my spouse, children, parents, brothers, sisters? Have I shown good example? Fulfilled my vocation in life?

7. If a parent, do I teach my children through good example? Do I make them feel loved and valued? Do I nag, criticize, and find fault with my children?

If a young person, do I really honor my parents and am I truthful with them? What about my teachers and others in authority? Do I whine, beg or back talk when told to do something I don't like?

8. Does my spouse know how much I love her / him? Do I nag criticize and constantly find fault with my spouse, my children?

9. Do I sincerely try to love my neighbor as myself? Do I aid or obstruct their progress toward God and fuller life? Have I used or exploited others for my own selfish interests?

10. Have I used or exploited my friends or others for my own selfish interests? Have I deliberately injured another physically or through lies or truths which need not have been told? Have I stolen or damaged the property of another?

11. Do I discriminate against or show preference to any group or person because of race, religion, nationality, gender or any other reason?

12.  Have I made an active effort to become an active member of my neighborhood, workplace, parish community?

CALLED TO BE A STEWARD: You are Stewards of God's Gifts

God's first gift to us is the gift of the natural world in which we live. Our bodies are a gift. Our response to God's gift is to give thanks and to share something of what we have received.

1. Have I deliberately spoiled any part of creation? Do I accept my responsibility to protect the environment? Have I been wasteful ofthe earth's natural resources? Have I abused animals through cruelty or neglect?


2.  DO,I cherish and care for my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit, getting proper rest, nutrition and exercise? Do I give into depression and self-pity? Do I put myself down? Do I take care of my health? Over-eat, over-drink, or take harmful drugs?

3. Do I have a wholesome attitude toward my own sexuality? Have I willfully indulged in thoughts, actions (masturbation, intercourse outside of marriage, adultery, etc.), reading or entertainment that are contrary to the dignity and proper meaning of sex?

4. Do I live in my own little shell, or do I have concern for my neighborhood, community or the global world? Am I generous in supporting efforts to better society?

5. Do I respond to the needs around me as I am able through sharing my time, talent and treasure? Do I try to be informed and actively concerned about social and political issues that affect the common good whether on the local, national or global level? Do I exercise my right to vote in an informed manner?

CALLED TO BE A WITNESS: You are to be my witnesses to all people.

Christ does not call us simply for ourselves. He asks us to be the "light of the world and the salt of the earth." We are to be witnesses to the Good News of God's Kingdom. At the end of each Mass, we hear the words, "The Mass is ended, Go to love and serve the Lord and one another. "

1. Do I bring the good news of the gospel to others? Do I promote Christian values and the life of the Church on all levels of human society? Do I work and pray for Christian unity? Do I try to heal the wounds of the Church or do I inflame them? Do I support and involve myself in the Christian community or parish to
which I belong?

2. Do I obey legitimate authority? Do I exercise leadership and authority in a spirit of Christian service?

3.  Do I work for the betterment of human society? Do I try to be informed and actively concerned about social and political issues that affect the common good whether on the local, national or global level.

4. According to my role in life, do I seek to eliminate from the world whatever keeps my brothers and sisters from the full human development intended by their creator: poverty, disease, hunger, injustice, discrimination, oppressive laws and structures, unequal distribution of world resources?

5. Am I wasteful or using up an unjust amount of the world's resources (food, fuel, minerals, etc.)?

6. Do I support, according to my means and abilities, organizations that work for social improvement?

CALLED TO WORSHIP: Worship in Spirit and Truth

In our celebration of the Mass we both come to a deeper understanding of who we have become and are formed as Disciples, Stewards and Witnesses. This is why the Mass is called the summit and source of Christian Life.

1. Do I participate fully in the Mass each Sunday? Have I grown in my understanding of what the Mass means?

2. Do I worship God as an active member ofthe faith community Christ founded, the Church? Am I conscious of and responsive to the Body of Christ, local and universal?

3. Do I regularly celebrate the Sacrament of Penance?